Short Summary

Name: Triple Play Draw Poker
Developer: IGT
+Mobile friendly
+Offers free round
-High cost of playing


Developed by IGT, Triple Play is a machine that provides 9 types of video poker games in one. It is characterized by needing you to play 3 hands at a go. The machine lays the ground for many of IGT’s more complex video poker games, which also come in different bundle packs. Therefore, if you are new to the Triple Play concept or video poker, then Triple Play Draw Poker is the perfect place to start.

General Impression

The game has an odd wagering format compared to the majority of other video poker variants. You are required to play all the three hands, and the default wager is 10 coins per hand – 30 coins in total. This technique differs from other machines that require you to choose between one to three hands and one to five coins per hand.
In Triple Play Draw Poker, you can easily change your bet with the Bet down and Bet Up buttons. Although the default wager total to 30 coins, you can bet as much as 5,000 coins per hand – a total of 15,000 coins. If you are a novice player, I would recommend you stick with the default bet of 10 coins per hand.
Once you have finished choosing your wagering options, the next step is to click Deal to get your hand. Just like other multi-hand video poker games, two hands will be dealt face down while the bottom hand will be dealt face up.
In all, you will find these games available within Triple Play: Jacks or Better, Bonus Poker, Bonus Poker Deluxe, Double Bonus Poker, Double Double Bonus Poker, Triple Double Bonus Poker, Deuces Wild, Deuces Wild Bonus, and Joker Poker.


The game features a Graphic Quality Select feature that you can use to select different quality settings to enhance your gameplay experience. There is also a Speed Select that you can use to choose the speed of draw and deal animations. Skip/Draw/Deal on Space Disable or Enable use of the SPACE bar to Draw and Deal cards as well as to Skip award rollup. You can also change the background color using Background Color Change.


Like we said, Triple Play was developed by IGT, one of the most efficient software in the market today.
Positive and Negative Impression
The game features a lot of pros which will make you want to play more. For instance, you will enjoy a bonus round and free spins when playing the game. The game is also available on the mobile platform
The major con of this game is the cost of playing. You will need at least 30 coins to play.


Although Triple Play might have an odd wager and payout size, it provides an easy to understand video poker games. You can choose from nine different variations on this machine and there are no bonuses or multiple features to worry you.

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