Based on a very user-friendly interface, the Premier BlackJack Hi Lo Gold online casino game from Micro gaming is the same as most Blackjack games when it comes to the rules, but where it departs from the usual is that the interface is much easier to use and the presentation is very realistic.

Interesting, Enjoyable and So Lifelike

According to almost every single player that has tried this game by themselves, the most prominent feature of the Premier Blackjack Hi Lo Gold online casino game is that the interface is so realistic, that it feels almost as if you are sitting and playing in a real casino. Even the animation and the highlighting of the game is also very real, and what makes it very easy to use, is the blend of colours in the background which is both visually and aesthetically pleasing, especially when combined with the soothing background music.

Players are also free to choose from four different sets of casino tables. When it comes to this particular game, the players are free to deal only with one hand. At the same time, the variety of bets that each player can have, has the same limits as the other casino games from Micro gaming, which is from 1 to 200 dollars in one time.

At the same time, what sets the Premier Blackjack Hi Lo Gold casino game apart from, most others out there is the fact that you can set additional bets. These additional bets, of course, are based on a few rules and conditions, the primary being that the score of the first two cards of the player will have to be more than 13 points, less than 13 points or even equal to 13 points. But the rules dictate that the maximal amount that you can place as the side bet will have to be equal to 25 dollars. You can even use the ‘Clear Bets’ option to remove all bets, or can use the ‘Betx2’ option to double the bet.

The player, when being dealt with the cards in this game, gets to play with two regular decks of cards, but minus the jokers. But the shuffling of the cards in the decks happens before the game, and it is done in a fairly straightforward manner following all of the conventional rules and regulations, and you can be sure of being treated fairly. None of the players can split the ten-valued cards if they are of different face values, and there is no option to surrender midway into this game. However, it is possible for all of the players to add several cards to the split Aces.


In conclusion, the Premier BlackJack Hi Lo Gold from Micro gaming is one the best casino gaming options out there right now, especially because of its ability to allow various betting options to all of its players, including betting and re-betting. Not only can the players in this game select to activate the automatic mode, but they can also choose to see the basic strategy table.

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