Short Summary

Name: Multi Wheel Roulette
Developer: Microgaming
+More successful spins
+Great for testing and utilizing roulette systems
-Win reduced by the number of active wheels


Based on the popular European style of the roulette game, Multi Wheel Roulette adds a new dimension of excitement and fun to the casinos. This Microgaming game features 8 spinning wheels offering you more chances to win. The wagering options when playing this game can range from as low as $1 to as high as $50 per spin. Multiple bets on eight different spinning wheels with various payouts make this game a crazy game – a game you will want to experience.

General Impression

As its name suggests, this game differs from other games out there because you bet on the result of eight roulette wheels at a go. You can determine which of the wheel is active during the spin. The wagering table is just one, which means that you can’t place wagers on every separate wheel – you place a similar wager for all active wheels.
After betting, you collect your winnings from every wheel. For example, if you bet on Black and 4 of the 8 wheels spins end up in black numbers, you will receive winnings from all 4 at once. The game follows the rules of the amazing European Roulette, which means that casinos edge is often low and the RPP, a bit high. You can place all probable outside/inside bets, along with called and final wagers. There is also a handy favorite wager option that enables you to store up to 4 different wagers for faster access.


Multi Wheel Roulette features modern-looking and sleek visuals. Its interface and layout are what the developer usually uses n their games and it is user-friendly and intuitive. The menus feature all types of customizable options such as Fast Play mode. It is worth to note that you will be shown a video clip when spinning the wheel. Furthermore, you can alter the color of the table, if you like, through the upper left side button.


This game was developed by Microgaming, one of the best software in the industry today.

Positive and Negative Impression

The game is favorable to different people because its concept enables you to have more successful spins. Another notable positive is that it offers you a chance to test out and utilize the roulette system – you cannot get another game that offers you the chance to test before you begin to play.
On the other hand, the odds are reduced depending on the number of wheels active during every spin. This is a major letdown.


Multi Wheel Roulette is one of the most unique roulette games online today. The ability to play with 8 wheels at a go presents players with a superb new world of more successful spins and opportunities – amazing. The quality of the game is consistent with other Microgaming games. You should try it today.

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