Trust only Evolution Games to make their players feel like royalty when it comes to playing BlackJack online. If you are not the kind of person who is looking for the simple gaming experience, then the Live BlackJack VIP from Evolution Gaming is for you. This is because the Live BlackJack VIP casino takes the entire gambling experience up by a notch by adding in extremely elaborate and lavish backgrounds, impeccable designing and completely elite surroundings.

You Get To Experience The Magic In 3D

But what would be the point of all this lavish and larger than life designing if all of it feels completely make believe and unreal? That is the reason why Evolution Gaming takes it one step further by making the entire experience real life like by having it in 3D and allowing.

However, one of the primary impressions that players have initially about the game is that it is all show, and lacks any real content. But it is not like that at all. On the contrary, the Live VIP Blackjack also boasts a wide range of features such as interesting side bets, very high betting limits as well as supports mobile play. Thus, it makes sense that a game that is supposed to cater to the playing style of VIPs should have more than one such options.

The best feature of this casino game is the 3D view of it. This is a notably different feature of Evolution’s Blackjack VIP, especially when compared to the other competing platforms. This 3D feature creates the illusion that you are sitting across the same betting table with the dealer on the other side. Thus, rather than viewing a smaller webcast which is usually framed within a graphical interface on most blackjack games, you get to directly interact with the dealer, which makes you feel like you are sitting inside the casino.

However, if you are feeling lucky and willing to take a few more chances in the same game, you can play more than one hand at the same time if more than one seats are vacant at your table. In fact, there is also a dedicated dealer who can speak Spanish, for the ones who are looking for such. You can also take up the opportunity to talk to the other players at your casino table on a personal basis. You can also see the complete betting history of your own table on your browser, and best of all, if all of the betting tables are full, as a player you can simply place your bets behind the already seated players.


In conclusion, the Live Blackjack VIP from Evolution Games is the game for the ones who want to surround themselves with opulence, all the while not missing the opportunity to make higher bets. At the same time, you can adjust the quality of the video stream of the gameso as to adjust to your internet connection without slowing it down.

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