When it comes to advanced and user-friendly casino games, few can compete with the popularity, skills and diversity of Evolution Gaming. However, no matter how popular their other games become, nothing seems to come close to the unique experience that they offer to their players with the game of Live BlackJack. However, people living in the United States cannot play this game since it is not available to US markets due to certain legal objections.

It Is All About The Player

This casino game is run on one hand by a dealer and along with a co-presenter. The complete focus of both the user and the dealer is obviously on the fun and entertainment aspect, as should be the case with most online casino games. However, it adds a more lifelike touch to the entire online gambling experience by making you feel like you are inside a casino, all with just the use of your webcam. Yes, you read that right, all of the players get to personally interact with the dealer as well as the co-dealer with the help of their webcams.

One gambling table has to offer playing seats to seven individual players at a single time. However, since Evolution Gaming is so popular among players and is always in such a high demand, the gaming company was forced to create a betting behind feature. This feature is an advantage for both the players and the company since it allows for an unlimited number of players to all play at the same time. However, one drawback of the betting behind feature is that you are not provided with the opportunity to make any decisions. Thus, when betting behind, you, as a part of the table, will have to trust the judgments of individual player who occupies the main seat at the gambling table.

The Live BlackJack casino game is also provided with a quick decision feature that allows you a disadvantage by giving you the chance to make your first move before the action has even started. In hindsight, this acts as an advantage for all of the players involved in the game as well as the casino interface. You see, this feature gives all of the players the chance to save time since they do not have to wait for the next hand to be dealt. On the other hand, the casino interfaces are able to get more hands dealt with every passing hour.


If there is one game you are looking for, which makes use of strategy, but at the same time, is all about the player, then the Live BlackJack from Evolution Gaming is your go-to online casino game because while the option of unlimited player is available for you along with minuscule other important and advantageous features, the interaction with the dealer and the co-dealer through the use of the webcam is what gives it such a life like quality, without being too over the top unlike most other online casino games.

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