Short Summary

Name: Jacks and Better
Developer: Net Entertainment
+Easy to play
+Has an easy strategy
-Wipe out the game history


Jacks or Better is a superb classical video poker game but with a twist due to its unique hand. You won’t receive winnings with simply any pair in your hand; you will need at least Jacks or Better – meanings Aces, kings, and Queens. This is a quick paced as well as fun game providing you a chance of betting any winning hand.

General Impression

The game follows the customary poker hand except for the hand that it has been named after. As we said, you need to have Jacks or higher cards to win – meaning anything less than jacks means nothing. You select your wager level ranging from one to five and also choose the coin value, ranging from $0.05 to $10.00, enabling you to control your bets depending on how it is going for you.
After placing your wager and your hand has been dealt, you will need to choose which cards you will hold. The cards you hold will be marked by the Hold sign. Then, you Draw another hand. Your winning will be calculated on the basis of the final hand.
If you win cash on any hand played, you may choose to either gamble it again or collect your winning. If you want to gamble, simply click the Gamble button and you will be taken to another screen. Here, you may bet that the card will be black or red or even guess the suit of the cards.


Loading up this game will present you with a superb blue-colored screen. Its background features shadows of a town at night, while its paytable is shown clearly at the top of the screen. This offers you the chance to see the kinds of payouts that you will receive from winning hands. Down the left, you will find more info on the different poker hands, including Full House, Straight Flush, and Two Pair. The dealt cards are shown at the base of the interface while the logo is shown at the top right-hand side.


Jacks or Better is provided by the reputable NetEnt software. This is one of the most famous software around.

Positive and Negative Impression

The game has a lot of benefits. First, it is very easy to play this game. Another positive is that the game has a simple pay table that you will understand. Another positive is that it’s one of the best paying games around.
Just like other games, Jacks and Better has a few shortcomings. With that said, the major con is that it wipes out your score after you close it.


Jacks or Better is a great video game offering in the market today, not just from NetEnt, but even from other software. It offers high gameplay and quality graphics and is intriguing to play. What more, it has additional features that enable players to gamble their winnings and try to win higher returns.

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