Short Summary

Name: Double Exposure Blackjack Pro
Developer: Net Entertainment
+Offers you the chance to win big
+Comes with superb graphics
-Payout is restricted to 1:1


NetEnt always manages to spice up classic games and offer the player a breath of fresh air. Without a double, Double Exposure Blackjack Pro is a solid game. Its 3D graphics are sharp, there is a superb piano tune in the background, and the animations are fluid. All this combines forms a great casino experience and will keep players entertained for days.

General Impression

Playing this game is similar to playing a classic blackjack game, so if you’re a fanatic of this game, then you will feel right at home. You can decide to play on 1, 2, or 3 of the hands and this is realized by adding more chips to each of the card-shaped areas of the table. Every hand can be bet on with a max of $40.
After setting your hand, you need to press the Deal button and 2 cards will be dealt at each section that you placed your bet, while the dealer will get 2 cards face up. Your air is to get a total that is near 21 without exceeding it and this achieved by sticking with the face value of the card or using clicking the Hit button to have more cards. Your cards are then compared with the dealer’s and payouts are offered as necessary.
Speaking of payouts, you will get a reward of 1:1 for every win, including a blackjack. If you tie with the dealer, the dealer wins, except in a blackjack. You can also process to Double Down if your original cards total a hard of 9, 10, or 11 and this will see you get another card following an extra bet equal to the previous bet.


NetEnt Double Exposure Blackjack Pro features a green feel table that features the game’s logo at the middle. To the right side, you will see the sign for the betting limits. At the bottom of the table, you will see 3 card-shaped areas and you are able to put your wagers in these areas. Additionally, info about the game is seen above the screen. The design also enables you to change some features such as maximum and minimum bet.


The game is powered by the Net entertainment software.

Positive and Negative Impression

The game features a lot of positives such as amazing graphics which are attractive to the eye. It also offers you a chance to win big money when you bet the dealer.
On the flip side, its pay at a constant rate of 1:1 – pretty flat.


If you are searching for a variation of the classic blackjack with simple gameplay options, then this is the game for you. Double Exposure Blackjack Pro features lots of positive things that you should miss out. It also offers you the chance to win big when playing at the casino.

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