If you are a beginner or somewhat of an amateur just skimming the surface of the online casino games, then the Black Jack Single Deck is just the thing for you. Or even if you are one of the novices, who has no time for the frill and the extra add-ons that most websites and online casinos have these days, then this is one of the online casino games for you, because it focuses just on the cards.

Simple But Yet So Efficient

One of the major issues that people complain about while playing most online casino games is that they are too distracting and that they aren’t pleasing to the eye, especially when played on their iPads or iPhones. However, the Black Jack Single Deck from NetEnt is a solution for all of those problems, because was specifically designed for the viewers and players who are going to use a much smaller screen, and thus has been provided with large cards and buttons. As a result of this, the Black Jack Single Deck from NetEnt acts as an ideal casino game for mobile phone and iPhone casinos.

Basically, the game involves one standard deck which contains 52 cards, and all the cards are shuffled before each and everydeal, and this makes sure that everything is done fairly and following all of the rules and regulations of propriety.

The very basic aim of this game isthat you have to get as close to 21 as fast as you can without losing. Both you as well as the dealer will be dealt two cards. This happens at the very beginning of the game. Then you will be given the opportunity to decide as to whether or not you want to add to the hand that you have been dealt with or take on the dealer.

In most games, the conventional hands are paid in a way 1:1. However, in Blackjack, the rules are a little different as the payment is done in a 3: 2 ratio, even though the values of the cards in the Black Jack Single Deck remain the same, which is a standard value.

We suggest that you take a chance and take on the multiplayer option, because chances are that you will end up being lucky and win an impressive amount.What makes this easy to play and concentrate on is that when the game is going on, hand which is active, is highlighted for you to follow.


Black Jack Single Deck is a wonderful interface not only for the casual players who wish to learn more or improve their skills, but also for the ones who are looking to up their game and become professional gamblers.

Stripped down to its bare minimum, it offers nothing but full opportunity for the players to concentrate on their cards with absolutely zero distractions. Apart from this, the designing is extremely simple but most importantly, very realistic, which makes the player feel relaxed and confident.

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