It does not take a professional gambler to understand or know that Blackjack happens to be singlehandedly one of the most popular and widely played online casino games in the world, both for players who are just getting the hang of things as well as experienced pros.

Revamping A Popular Choice

Every single year a wide number of companies introduce a bunch of online casino games, but almost all of them fall through the cracks because they have nothing new to offer and they happen to be too boring. However, NetEnt takes the traditional game of BlackJack and pumps new life into it, which results in the incredibly easy to use and therefore extremely popular BlackJack Pro Series.

The standard rules of the Blackjack game are also followed in the BlackJack Pro series by NetEnt. Like usual, the players, at the very beginning of the game hand in their bets and are then handed two cards. Then it is completely up to the discretion of the players as to whether they want to add another card to their lot or if they want to go up against the dealer. But what makes this new version of the traditional game more upbeat and fun is the fact that it has various options of Blackjack Pro that the players can take up on like the split and the double down, which makes the experience even more fun.

However, there are also certain betting limits in the Pro series. The minimum bet that a player can put forth for the Blackjack Pro is 1 euro. Similarly, the maximum amount that a player canput forth in the bet is 40 euros for every single playing round. In this game, in total there are three different types of chips to choose from – 1, 5 and 10 euros. You can use these either in combination or to bet multiple times.

While the standard BlackJack game has a set of 8 standard decks, the BlackJack Pro series has only 4 standard decks of cards. Also, if your winning hand consistsof two jacks of Spades cards, then whatever your win is, it will be multiplied a hundred times, so that you end up winning so much that it is almost unbelievable. In order for the player to win the Double Jack bet in Blackjack Pro, they must have a Jack as the first card which they are dealt or the player should have two Jack cards in their first blackjack hand.


In conclusion, if there is one online casino gambling game that everyone should try then it has to be BlackJack, and when it comes to a game as popular and wisely acclaimed like BlackJack, then individuals should at least give the Pro series by NetEnt a try at least once. Not only will it be such a wonderful and learning experience, but chances are that each of the new players will keep coming back for more, particularly because of the way that this has revamped such an old favourite.

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