Thunderkick is the studio that created the slot Babushkas. It’s inspired by the famous Russian dolls of the same name. They contain more similar dolls in each other which is used by the developer to create a unique gameplay. Babushkas is simple and exciting slot that doesn’t have a grand prize, but can be highly rewarding nonetheless.

Main Theme And Standard Features

The background of the online slot Babushkas is a typical Russian carpet that you can usually see handing at the wall of many homes in the country. To be honest, the whole layout is rather simple, but it looks decent and is not too flashy as other games. The music, however, becomes annoying at some point and you will probably end up muting it sooner or later.

The Babushkas slot comes with 5 reels and 17 paylines that are fixed. Your betting size varies highly. The lowest stake starts at 0.10 and can go all the way up to 100 units. This makes Babushkas a suitable option to all kinds of players.

As you could suggest from the name, the standard symbols of Babushkas are the dolls. There are as many as 7 of them that vary in color and the age of female character drawn on each. The older the babushka is, the higher your reward. You have to land 3 of the same or more on a payline to win. The prizes are hardly impressive at the first glance, but there’s a twist that makes a huge difference, as you will see in the next section.

Special Symbols and Bonus Games

The first feature that makes the Babushkas slot so exciting is the Winning Symbol Upgrade. Each time you hit a winning combo, the symbols of it will be upgraded to the next level if this creates new or longer winning lines. If you get lucky, there could be up to 3 or 4 upgrades per spin.

If you get lucky enough to hit 15 symbols of the same value across the reels after spinning or upgrades, you will activate the Wipe feature. It will upgrade each symbol one more time. In case thе 15 symbols are of the highest possible value, they will be upgraded to the Babushkas ghost symbol. It brings a reward of 100 coins.

The other special symbol in the game is the wild. It’s an egg that can replace every other symbol to form a winning combo and appears on the third reel only. If the egg has a star drawing, you will activate the Wild Mystery Feature. A bear will show and there are three options. If you hit a scare bear, all low-sized symbols with upgrade 1/2/3 times depending on the size of the bear. If you land the charm bear, all symbols will be upgraded once. Finally, there’s the dancing bear. It triggers 7 free spins that always have a wild included.

Final Words

Babushkas doesn’t have a large jackpot, but the gameplay is certainly exciting and offers something new. It can be tried with a bet of only 0.10 which makes the game a good choice for recreational players. Another advantage of Babushkas is that it runs on mobile devices too.

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