Short Summary

Name: Atlantic City Blackjack Gold
Developer: Microgaming
+Ability to double down
+Features of free play
-Double down is limited to just 2 cards


Atlantic City Blackjack Gold takes casino gaming to another level, with this series featuring lots of improvement in design to further enhance the gameplay and the overall experience. Having similar rules as the classic Atlantic City mode but coming with improved graphics and enhanced game options, the game impresses on all levels.

General Impression

Atlantic is played with at least 8 decks of cards which are shuffled before each hand is dealt and this does offer a certain house edge. However, this edge is lowered by the Late Surrender that enables you to activate this option and lose just half of your bet even after the dealer has looked for blackjack.
The split option can be implemented up to 3 times to form 4 separate hands, but all Aces can only be split once. Insurance and Blackjack pay 2:1 and 3:2 respectively, although a 10 dealt with a split Ace isn’t counted as a Blackjack. The dealer only checks for blackjack if his first card is an Ace or 10 and he always stands at 17.
The game supports bets from $100 to $1k, with $100, $200, and $1,000 chips on offer. Just click on any of the available chips and click on the table to place your stake. Click deal and the cards you will be given cards. Hit, Stand, split, Surrender, Double options are also supported, while you can press Rebet when the hand is complete.


The game’s graphics are superb and its layout is pretty easy on your eyes. The blackjack table is quite detailed and all the bets, cards, and chips are easy to access. Cards move across the table in a seamless way and the animations are crisp and nice. There is also a typical lounge-style tune that accompanies the game and an amazing softly spoke lady that narrates the game in English. It all brings out the immersive blackjack experience.


Atlantic was developed and is powered by Microgaming software. The firm continues to lead the market in game development.

Positive and Negative Impression

The game features a lot of positive things that you need to know about. For instance, you have the ability to double down your winning with the first 2 cards. If you are lucky, you can also enjoy free rounds, where you get the chance to win without spending cash.
On the contrary, the ability to double down is limited to just the first 2 cards. This is somehow limiting your chance.


Atlantic City Blackjack Gold is an amazing iteration of the classic blackjack game and one that you will surely enjoy playing. Although it doesn’t contain any extra features, it is a quite a polished mode of a quite popular card game. You will also love the Autoplay and Auto-Rebet buttons so you can enjoy some rounds immediately without changing anything.

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