Short Summary

Name: All American
Developer: Playtech
+Fast gameplay
+Clear sound effects
-Skill-based game


All American represents another superb video poker game. It is based around the superb ol’ US of A and it doesn’t differ much from other classic poker games on the web today. Generally, if you are a video game lover, this game will keep you entertained for long. Developed by Playtech, the game features offer you safe betting platform enabling you to wager only half your previous winnings.

General Impression

This is a famous variation of video poker that pays any hand higher than jacks. You can exchange an unlimited number of cards just once without paying. The least bet per hand is 10 cents and the maximum bet is $500. Bets are placed in form of coins. First, you need to determine their value and then it’s vital to choose the number of coins you wish to bet on a hand.
Payouts are done according to the pay table with the set multipliers. Royal Flush while playing wagering 5 coins is paid a bit higher than other combinations. Therefore, I would recommend you to try this bet. Additionally, you can try to boost your payout in the round on 50/50 chances. It’s possible to bet the entire payout or just half. In this round, 4 hole cards and one upcard will appear. You should face all hole cards. If you get a card higher than upcard, your wager will be doubled.


The Interface of All American Video game is understandable, but it’s better to note some of its key features. For instance, the coin value is chosen by the plus or minus buttons situated in the lower right-side of your screen. You can select the number of coins by clicking any column in the paytable. The game also has features that enable you to turn on/off the sound and even make changes to the interface. Finally, the designer incorporated a Help tab where you can read all the detailed rules.


As you already know, the game was developed by the famous Playtech firm. The software also offers other video games in online and mobile casinos.

Positive and Negative Impression

All American prides itself of lots of benefits. To begin, the game provides crisp graphics which are easy to your eyes and quite attractive. The game also boasts of fast gameplay and offers crystal clear sound effects that massively improve your gaming experience.
On the other hand, the game has a few shortcomings. The major one is that you need to have the right skill to play it as it’s a skill-based video game.


The majority of video poker games have a low house edge so as to be profitable. All American game isn’t an exception. However, you can only win in this game if you possess the required skills and follow the basics of poker – you cannot depend on inner voice or luck.

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