Short Summary

Name: 2 Ways Royal
Developer: Playtech
+High chance of winning
+2 jackpots payouts
-It is a gamble


2 Ways Royal Video Poker Game was developed by Playtech. It is a variation of Jacks or Better with an extra winning hand – a ‘Lo Royal Flush’ which is a 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 of the same collection. This winning hand increases your payout percentage to a very attractive 99.8 percent – with the right play.

General Impression

The primary distinguishing feature of this game is the availability of the 2 highest hands. They are High Royal Flush – one, three, four, five and six of the same suit and Low Royal Flush – ten, J, Q, K, and A of the same suit. The combinations are paid out according to a multiplier of 250x for the wager of a single coin and 4,000x for a wager of 5 coins. Pay close attention to the high payouts while wagering the highest possible bet.
This means that you will earn more when you stake 5 coins as opposed to one – even of the wagers is identical – because it is possible to earn more from a Royal flush. Coins value ranges from 5 cents to 5 dollars. The least ran is the jacks. At the start of every hand, you will receive 5 cards. You can exchange all of them for free. The pay will be made according to the pay table. Additionally, the whole bet or just half can be raised in the risk game.


Today, it is possible to get a casino where you can easily download video poker known as 2 Ways Royal for free. The game resembles a real slot machine; like the one found in land-based casinos. The buttons of the control enable you to choose the coin value to begin dealing the card, to place the lowest or highest wager, to try to double your winning, or to hold the preferred card. The game features amazing graphics that will keep you glued to your screen as you enjoy your game. In addition, its sound effects add to the atmosphere of the game.


2 Ways Royal was developed by Playtech software developer. This is one of the most reputable game developers in the world today.

Positive and Negative Impression

The first positive of this game is that you get a higher chance of winning when playing this game. It only has a house advantage of 0.2 percent. The game also offers you 2 jackpots.
The major con is that it is 100 percent a gambling game. There is no strategy or skill that can help you win.


The availability of 2 kinds of Royal Flush boosts the chance of winning, so the 2 Ways Royal is intended for players who like to gamble big jackpots. The game also features multipliers for various hands. It also features lots of benefits that will keep you playing more and more.

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